Update-day: changes to building plan, costs, blueprints, planters…

Update-day: changes to building plan, costs, blueprints, planters…

Looks like no big changes are coming tonight. Dev team is not sure whether scientists will make it into the update today.

Helk has added a bunch of new tips, mainly for new players. Information on building, placing a sleeping bag and much more will help new players get along with the game. Most modded servers removed gametips completely. Clients are not able to disable them, but can remove the current tip with console command ‘gametip.hidegametip’. It could be handy to bind that command to a key.

Crashes when exiting the game will be fixed (maybe). Some tweaks were made to the shutting down process of EAC on server disconnect. At least it should occur less.

Devs are working on changing the way blueprints and deathlogs are saved. Right now it’s just a directory full of text files. Garry is working on improvements to make it so they could be saved in a sqlite database. These will work much quicker than all those text files.

The SMG cost has been reduced, the machete is now a default blueprint and requires a level 1 workbench. Furthermore, sleeping bags and sheet metal doors don’t require wood anymore. Paper has been removed completely, so notes and building plans only need wood from now on.

We’re not sure when the update hits, but it should be between 21:00 and 23:00 CET.

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