Small generator added, turret changes, Linux removed

Small generator added, turret changes, Linux removed

Rust has changed the last couple of weeks. Performance has been better and there are some changes to Life In Rust.

More and more stuff use electricity these days. Not only lighting, but now also turrets need electricity. This gives builders much more opportunities with these ugly bastards.

Auto Turrets will now only fire when they will hit a target, making them almost undrainable. They also have several outputs, which allows you to attach electrical components that will trigger when the turret is low on ammo.

There’s now also a small generator. The generator uses Low Grade Fuel as a power source. It’s a pretty common blueprint, requiring only 75 scrap to research and a Tier 2 workbench to craft.

The generator has inputs to start and stop the motor, which allows you to attach the generator to other electrical components. It uses around 8 Low Grade per minute and has a storage space to keep a maximum of 500 Low Grade.

Since the last update, the Rust devs removed support for the Linux version. They want to focus on development of the Windows and Mac versions only, as the Linux build was rarely used.

Apart from the minicopter, there’s now also a scrap transport helicopter and they can be found throughout the map. They work the same as minicopters. With 1000HP it has more health than the minicopter, that was lowered to 750HP. With a usage of 28 Low Grade per minute, you will fly around 18 minutes with 500 Low Grade.

Rockets have been made cheaper. Instead of 50 HQM, 6 pipes and a tier 3 workbench, you now need 40 HQM, 4 pipes and a tier 2 workbench.

Other small thing: the startup settings screen has been removed. Those settings can be found in the client settings window from now on just like in any other game.

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