Facepunch removes NVIDIA filters support

Facepunch removes NVIDIA filters support

Many users seem to be upset over the removal of support for NVIDIA filters. The last week, multiple people noticed that their filters were not working anymore and got to Twitter to complain to Facepunch.

Not long after, Rust dev Alistair confirmed the removal of NVIDIA filter support through a tweet: “Just to confirm, yes Nvidia filters are no longer supported for Rust.”

Users with the ability to use those filters were gaining advantage over users without the ability to use them. The filters were used to be able to ‘see’ during nights in the game. Rust devs made that impossible now.

Facepunch actively forbids the use of ‘third party apps’, as stated in a new tweet this week: “The use of third party applications (unless stated otherwise) to gain an unfair advantage (cheat) is strictly prohibited. For clarity, this extends to third party use of “filters” to gain an unfair advantage (cheat!) during night periods.”

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