I was crafting stuff and just raided a base when the server crashed, can I get my stuff back?

Unfortunately, no. There is no way for us to tell what stuff you had when the server might have crashed. Just before a normal periodic restart, the server should save the worldfile and all resources within your vicinity.

Where can I appeal my ban?

Use the Steam group here or you may try our Discord.

Do you have Discord?

Yes, you can join the server here.

How can I report a cheater?

First of all, do not report it in chat. Use the /ticket system. This will be delivered in a secret channel in our Discord, so we can take a look at it. You may or may not receive feedback from your report, but we do take every message seriously.

When is the wipe?

Usually every 50 and 100% of forced wipes. For timing, check the countdown in the right menu. Every additional wipe will be reported into our Discord and on the server.

Example: if a month between forced wipes has 4 Thursdays, the wipe will be bi-weekly (14 days). When a month has 5 Thursdays, it will be wiped approx the 19th (mostly Sundays).

Do admins play?

Active admins can be playing. You may even raid the admins. You may occasionally see admins flying or interacting with other players but they won’t fly into bases.

Streamsnipers are pissing me off, can you help me?

No. It’s your own responsibility to make sure that your viewers don’t know which server you play on. Rust has a good option to help you out a bit: “streamermode”.

However, if the streamsniper is being excessively annoying and deliberately trying to ruin gameplay for you then we may intervene in certain cases. Also tell us if the streamsniper is breaking any of the server rules.

I reported a player, but never got a reply

That’s possible. All reports are taken seriously and are being looked at. However, it’s undoable for us to reply on every report. Reporting multiple times is allowed, so we are able to pinpoint the exact problem. The hackers scripts may be so advanced that they are shutdown when we look into them for the time being, so keep reporting them.

What do you mean by ‘max xx players’?

The max 3 group limit is a hard limit for active players raiding, building or defending a base and roaming around.

Not allowed:
– Defending a base with more than the group limit
– Raiding with more than the group limit
– Roaming with more than the group limit
– PvP with more than the group limit

If the rules are broken, you will all be banned. If we think what you’re doing is unfair, we will ban you.