Much better performance in Rust

Much better performance in Rust

Rust is doing a great job on the performance of the game. The last months we’ve been seeing a great improvement in client and server performance.

These improvements are mostly the work of the Rust devs looking through code that’s doing stuff in an inefficient way. Some of the ‘fixes’ may or may not impact how the different physics in Rust work. For instance, the way AI works has been changed a lot. Animals will not have any knowledge of any other NPC in the neighborhood. This improves performance greatly as the animals do not require to do visibility checks anymore. AI like animals and bots are the biggest payload on server performance.

Server owners do see this in overall day to day usage, but also on longer wipes where the server FPS will see a much higher value throughout the wipe and build up of entities.

This also means that after testing for a couple of weeks, the servers are back on a monthly wipe schedule (until the next performance issue comes up) 😉

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