Rust Easter Egg Hunt Event is live, how does it work?

Rust Easter Egg Hunt Event is live, how does it work?

The Easter Egg Hunt Event in Rust is live since the update this Friday. This event will happen in Rust once every in-game day.

When the event starts, a 10-second countdown will appear on your screen. Music will be played as well. As soon as the countdown ends, eggs will spawn around you and a scoreboard will apear on your screen. Run around to grab as many eggs as you can. Equip your Basket (left click) to grab them quicker.

The players with the most eggs at the end of the hunt win a prize!

1st place will receive 3 silver eggs, 2nd place gets 1 silver egg and 3d place gets 1 bronze egg. But what does this get you? These eggs open just like a Christmas present and will give you some good or average loot.

A Bronze Egg randomly gives you an egg basket, bunny ears, 100-200 stone, 200-400 wood, some metal frags or chocolate bars.

A Silver Egg randomly gives you a bunny onesie, 2500 stone, chainsaw with fuel, a revolver with ammo or some shotguns and ammo.

A Gold Egg means big business as it will randomly get you 5 incendiary + 3 high velocity rockets, an LR-300 assault rifle, M39 rifle with ammo, the new Multiple Grenade Launcher and even a small chance for an M249 with ammo.

But Gold Eggs are not just handed out to you with the Easter Event. You need to upgrade Silver and Bronze Eggs to get Gold Eggs. If you have 10 bronze eggs, you can upgrade those to 1 silver egg. If you have 10 silver eggs, you are able to upgrade them to 1 Gold Egg.

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