@PlayRustNL says goodbye to Twitter

@PlayRustNL says goodbye to Twitter

Privacy and safety are good things. Although, protecting privacy cannot be a reason to give up your privacy.

In light of the new GDPR (which all of you should have thousands of idiot mails about) Twitter began blocking accounts of people that put in a ‘birth date’ that states they are “under the age required in your country to consent to the processing of your personal data”. Like many companies do, we created the Twitter account with a birth date of which our servers were created. Many companies would use the date their company was started, since it’s not a personal account.

Twitter sent us an e-mail:

Your account @playrustNL has been locked

Twitter uses the personal data in your account to provide its services. But because Twitter has determined that you are under the age required in your country to consent to the processing of your personal data, your account has been locked.
Your account will be removed from Twitter unless a parent or guardian provides consent on your behalf. In order to keep your account, please provide the contact information for a parent or guardian.

The service requires us to send an official ‘government-issued’ identification like a European identification or a drivers license. Twitter is in NO WAY in a position to ask for this. Although I think it’s a good idea to set a minimum age for Twitter-accounts, this is a ridiculous thing to do. Who’s intercepting the information? Which people have access to this ID and how long will they save it? What about the massive database hacks in the past where account information was leaked and will this be saved? Questions no one can or will answer. We’ll pass. And I think many users will do this as well after the account has been locked because they put in a ‘birth date’ that doesn’t make any sense.

As of now, we won’t be visible on Twitter anymore and we’ve asked Twitter to delete all information associated to the old Twitter-account. If they really follow the new GDPR rules, they should delete everything they have on it.

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