Monument puzzles, keycards and diving gear but no performance

Monument puzzles, keycards and diving gear but no performance

Sigh. Unlike we all would’ve hoped, performance is still going to be a bitch after this update. As a matter of fact, the game is running on a new version of Unity, but this only introduced some crashes which need to be fixed before the release tonight. The new version will potentially fix the performance issues, but it doesn’t do this out of the box. Each optimization must be manually completed, and the devs didn’t get any of that work in for this update. Remember, this is a game wide issue and not related to any particular server / host.

Let’s get into tonights update…

Security doors, access cards, fuse boxes….
Roleplayers can eat their heart out. To get to most of the good loot you now need to find key cards that give you access to protected service doors. Besides the key cards, you also need to give the door some power. Exact details are not known yet, but there seem to be three different cards: green, blue and red. Each has their own level of clearance.

Cards can be found on desks and inside security doors you’ll generally find key cards for higher level doors ánd scientists can also drop key cards. Also you may be able to buy some cards inside the Outpost.

Green cards can be found on desks and in scientist loot. Blue cards can be found on desks and purchased at the Outpost and the red access cards can only be found inside blue security doors.

After you got some key cards, you need to make sure the door has power. Enter the Electric Fuse. This new item can be pretty unreliable, but allows electricity to pass through for a short period of time when placed in a fuse box. They cannot be crafted, however, you’ll find them in various loot crates around the map. They can also be recycled for 20 scrap if you end up with more than you need.

When trying to solve a puzzle, you’ll want to look for a fuse box in the vicinity of the security doors (they are mounted on walls and often shooting sparks). Open up the box and place your fuse in the single slot. You may need to throw a nearby switch (also mounted on a wall) to get the juice flowing. Hurry up and get to the door with your key card ready to swipe as the circuit will blow within a short amount of time (causing the fuse to disappear). Keep in mind that a passersby can snatch a fuse straight from the box, causing power to be shut off immediately.

What else?
The Spas12 shotgun has been buffed at the request of some players. The damage increased from 105 to 135 making it a deadlier weapon which is easily found through the map.

Also the diving gear recently added has been given some attention. There are some new model arts. It doesn’t do anything to functionality.

There’s now a longer despawn time on sulfur and gunpowder and the standard max gibs setting has been lowered from 10000 to 2000.

Future work
This game really needs work on the performance issues. Not only are server owners often looked at in cases of excessive lag or troubles with the game, it’s really troubling to see that time has been blown away by these security doors and key cards instead of performance. Instead of fixing this, the new version of Unity only introduced more crashes (yay!). Let’s hope through the next week there will be some additional patches.

Thanks to our friends over at Rustafied.

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