Changes for EASY SERVER 5X and new mods

Changes for EASY SERVER 5X and new mods

A little while ago a couple of community members made a some suggestions to improve the population on the server. The environment in which Rust changes, also changes the playerbase needs. Since it’s a community-driven server, we made the changes go live. We are basically starting over.

Some of the changes are:
– Gather rate lowered from 5X to 3X
– Changes to the loottables (where spawns what items and what does Bradley/airdrop/heli give you)
– Limitations to teleports (e.g. no more tp in caves because your base would be unraidable)
– Limitations to the use of /remove
– Max group limit of 3 to 8

The reason for these changes are simple: with the old settings, you’d be done playing the game within 3 hours. Farm some shit, raid people and wipe the entire server if you’re an advanced player. The Rust devs changed the game to a wrong direction, so we needed to change some settings in order to approve quality of life. You should be playing for days, not for hours. Wiping a total server in hours is not how the game should work.

Furthermore, we are introducing radiation storms server-wide. These storms are announced by the weather service and you better bring your ass back somewhere inside a building, before the storms will kill you. But while you are still outside, you are rewarded with a higher gather rate.

The point of all this: be creative. Make a good starterbase, get yourself some shit and farm for some time. After that, make friends, have fun. Don’t stay a lonerboy.

Also, since EASY SERVER is not thát EASY anymore ánd we focus not only on Dutch players, the and EASY SERVER names were becoming obsolete. We were looking for a new name. In some time we will make use of our new brand EU RUST. Under this brand we will start some new servers. The 3X will be our main-server.

Try out the new settings, connect with:

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