Update 02-03-2017 (devblog 150) is out!

Update 02-03-2017 (devblog 150) is out!

The update is out! We will update all the servers in a couple of minutes and update this post with all new features.

Update 01:18 CET
While our Procedural server is still under construction (Oxide won’t load properly), all servers are updated to the latest Rust version.

The game will score all of your inventory as of now and display the most hostile weapons on your back or hips. From the devs:

First of all, it looks for items in your entire inventory, not just on your belt. Anyone is going to be able to see your best tools and weapons now. How does this change the game? Well, you’re not going to be able to pretend you’re friendly and then pull a Pipe Shotgun or a Spear out of your ass and kill someone before they have a chance to react. I heard people complaining about this on reddit for a long time and I finally solved it. Since the commit logs there’s been bitching from people on the other side that they can no longer do this. To those people who are unhappy with this change I gotta say this is a basic mechanic that has been present in video games since the early 2000s and we finally got around to implementing it

Items like the bucket helmet no longer requires a sewing kit and is cheaper. The pump shotgun now requires two pipes (was five), one spring (was two) and 20 High Quality Metal (was 30). The pick axe now requires 125 metal fragments instead of 150.

There has been some small changes to the lighting of a gunfire. Furthermore some sound optimizations have been made, as well as performance tweaks.

The upcoming week the devs will work on a deployable locker and a dropbox which you can place on doors and put stuff in.

Update 01:50 CET
EASY PROCEDURAL is fully functional again.

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