Nice! Shotgun Trap, better flame turret and floor grills placements

Nice! Shotgun Trap, better flame turret and floor grills placements

Early update this week again! A little more changes than we predicted before. Shotgun traps are in, flame turrets can be placed closer to walls ánd floor grills can be placed on top of large furnaces.

Flame Turrets
Flame Turrets were pretty difficult to place in an airlock, so devs changed the way it’s placed on a foundation. They can be placed much closer to walls than before.

Shotgun Traps
Nice! This shotgun trap detects motion in front of it, and when it does it starts blasting homemade shells every second until it runs dry. You can place them on walls, ceilings, floors, etc. Pretty curious when and how this is going to be used.

What else?
– Window bars and embrasures will lose half of their health when they are picked up since last weeks update. They need to be repaired after you place them back.
– Floor spikes are changed so they now block foundation placement the same way barricades do.
– Various optimizations have been made

Rust Changelog
Fixed distant see-through walls when using TSSAA or MB
Fixed AI “look rotation viewing vector is zero” error
Optimized building decay processing on the server
Decay now applies to all twig building blocks
Moved most remaining invokes to the optimized invoke handler
Can place floor grills and floor frames above large furnace
Floor spikes block foundation placement similar to barricades
Window bars and embrasures now store item condition
Window bars and embrasures lose half their health when picked up
Added Shotgun Trap
Fixed Planner leak (50k entities saved on large servers)
Flame turrets can be placed closer to walls (viability in airlocks)
Fixed some older item skins not working

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