Devblog 180: what changed besides the blueprints?

Devblog 180: what changed besides the blueprints?

Besides changing how surviving and crafting works, some other improvements have been made to the last update. We’ll get into them right now.

With a big game changer like the blueprints, balancing is very much needed. Although it’s far from complete, the dev team worked hard to make a good basis.

  • HQM from recycling components has been reduced to nearly nothing
  • Loot tables have completely changed. You now find whole items much more often and scrap in almost everything. Check out a raw print of the current loot tables here
  • Found weapons start at a very low condition
  • M92 and LR300 cannot be crafted
  • Metal shopfront and vending machines are cheaper to craft
  • Research table is cheaper to craft
  • Tshirts and long sleeves are cheaper and no longer require a sewing kit
  • High external walls and gates require some space between them when placed parallel to each other (i.e. when stacking them)
  • Cooking raw deer meat now correctly turns into cooked deer meat

Ice Lakes
Heading up north post-wipe, you’ll notice some changes to the surroundings. Ice lakes, the first iteration of natural landmarks, have been added to the snow biome. These lakes come in two sizes (small and large) and can be built on like normal ground.

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