Devblog 154 released, some nice changes in Rust

Devblog 154 released, some nice changes in Rust

Simple sight, searchlight are in and some world models are updated.

Update of our servers are being done between now and 15 minutes. Update your client as well before re-connecting!

This week we didn’t expect any new significant changes. Although not as significant as you would think, there are two new things: new sight for your gun and deployable searchlight!

Simple Sight
The new simple sight is indeed available in-game at a cost of 6 HQM. This sight slightly inhibits your zoom but gives you a clearer picture of your target. It also is not emissive, so it won’t be much use during the nighttime. Think of it as a middle ground between the iron-sights and the Holo Sight. Changes to this sight can be done after people talk about it.

New concept! It’s pretty simple: you walk up and press E on it and it will aim where you are aiming. You can turn it on or off and it uses fuel. Some work still needs to be done, but this should be fun.

Some small improvements have been done to music, spinning wheels and server performance.

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6 years ago

the server’ll be avaible soon?