Devblog 153 is out. Update your client!

Devblog 153 is out. Update your client!

There we are! Some time ago I mentioned binoculars would be very handy. And there they are. Seeing far off in the distance no longer requires a gun with a scope anymore.

We will restart our servers any minute now. Restart your clients before connecting!

They do cost 5 high quality and a gear, but they can also be found in purple loot boxes around the map.

In our last update topic we wrote about the furnaces. Rust devs made some changes because the bags thrown out by the ovens made the server use more resources than necessary. The changes are quite large, because furnaces and campfires will stop once they throw out resources (e.g. when the stack is full and there is no room for a new stack of metal or sulfur).

Cost changes: no gears are required anymore for crossbows. They do cost some more wood and frags, but still doable. Also the cost for netting is changed to 4 ropes and 200 wood, instead of 5 ropes and 15 frags.

Bigger cost change: C4 requires 2 tech trash now instead of 3 and a silencer needs 5 high quality metal instead of 8.

Starting tonights update you can pick up more stuff. In addition to the new requirement of tool cupboard access and a hammer for picking up all objects, you can now pick up several deployables: auto and flame turrets, tuna lights, lanterns and ceiling lights.

Update your clients and Happy Rusting!

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