Devblog 152 is out! Server are updating. Update your clients.

Devblog 152 is out! Server are updating. Update your clients.

We are early today! Devs just put up the Rust update for the server as well as for the clients. Restart your client to update it on Steam.

Let’s take a look at the devblog.

Spinner Wheels
Place a wheel, paint it and spin it. It stops at a random location on the wheel. Could be fun in times of ‘what to do next’? Rust’s way of ‘I Feel Lucky’ 😉

Pumpkin Spam Fix
You know we have a problem when the second most populous entity on a server is a damn pumpkin. I’ve nipped this in the bud by reducing its max seasons from 7 to 1. It will now behave like all the other plants.

Heavy Plate Armor Radiation Protection
The protection for radiation was way too high. Even better than with the radsuit. This has been changed.

And of course the netting block has been added.

Other Changes
Other notable changes are for instance the supply signals: you can find them (very rarely) in green military crates. You’re looking at about a 2% chance to find one. Also the M249 gunshot has been improved and optimizations on the fps have been done.


Updated console UI with autocomplete
Demo playback has grass
Voice data is recorded to demos
Fixed some exceptions when playing demos
Demos record initial camera position
Improved M249 gunshot
Caves death pit accessible to recover loot
Wall frame netting block
Spinner wheel item
Replaced deployable bed model
Entity skin changes trigger batching refresh
Fixed map cache getting cleared when joining custom maps
Added culling to foliage displacement
Added grass displacement to foundations
Removed obsolete scripts (memory usage)
Removed unused animators (memory usage)
Optimized frame rate under sustained gunfire
Optimized effect recycling
Optimized viewmodel transform updates
Fixed footsteps SFX not audible till near player
Fixed vending machines in doorways sometimes breaking
Added Spinner Wheel
Added Refineries to Harbors
Fixed NRE when sign you are editing is destroyed
Added Supply Signals to Green Military Crates (2%)
Pumpkins only have 1 season (instead of 7)
Fixed Heavy Plate Armor Rad protection (now 7, was 50)

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