What’s new for the August 2018 Rust update?

What’s new for the August 2018 Rust update?

We are just 24 hours away from the monthly Rust update and with lack of any relevant information about performance improvements, we can only tell you about some new additions coming in.

The last couple of weeks the dev team worked on improvements for the Team UI, a new bandit town and – really only relevant for roleplayers – an info panel about plants.

After the next update, when you look at an item you’ve planted. It includes the age of a plant, the progress and hydration levels. The devs also worked on a whole new bandit town. This bandit town will be like the Outpost. It has scientists, but unlike the Outpost, in Bandit Town they will most certainly look like normal people. Although there won’t be a ‘safe zone’ per say, these guards will engage people who fuck around.

We’ll see some NPC’s selling various items around the bandit town and there are some vending machines to exchange scrap for other items like lockers, shelves and tuna lamps. There’s also a place for small games. Betting your scrap to win certain items. Put some scrap in, pick some numbers and if you’re lucky, you can get some nice loot. Or you’ll lose your scrap.

Also after the update we’ll see a new compound bow. It builds strength as you pull back. The longer you hold, the more damage your arrow will do. It’s a default blueprint and costs 100 wood, 75 metal frags and 2 ropes. You’ll also need a level 1 workbench.

Other things, thanks to Rustafied:

  • Durability of key cards has been halved
  • Streamer mode now works on the team list
  • ESP disabled for team members (must have line of sight to see green dot)
  • Added team member names overtop of map indicators
  • ‘You are here’ marker always displays on top of team markers
  • Fixed corpse warnings / NREs from 27668
  • Potential fix for silly macOS+AMD MRT blending bug/unity_2018.2.0
  • Fridge exploit fix
  • Waterjug bug fix
  • Riot helmet LOD clipping fix RUST-48
  • RUST-41 Fixed see through gap between single sheet metal door and doorways
  • RUST-42 Fixed food crate spawner max per tick value being over the top
  • RUST-39 Attempting to fix fallen logs blocking APC pathing at LS by making building topology wider on terrain
  • RUST-54 Section of LS ladder cannot be climbed (missing volume)
  • RUST-115 Fixed inaccurate colliders on powerline base
  • RUST-110 Fixed out of bound exploit at MT
  • Wire barricades no longer damage players through floors
  • Wire barricades slightly easier to place on rough terrain

A complete list will be available in the devblog around update time.

Remember, this forced update will wipe the server. EASY SERVER will also be wiping BP’s.

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