Scientists are in, new shotgun+ammo and maybe a new event?!

Scientists are in, new shotgun+ammo and maybe a new event?!

The first new monthly update is on our doorstep and there’s some news to share to you guys. This week is forced wipe-week as well, and we’re seeing some new stuff in the game.

A new shotgun is in town: the semi-automatic Spas-12 fires faster than a pump shotgun but does less damage. It’s non-craftable so you have to look for it everytime. You can use handmade shells, 12 gauge buckshot, slugs and the new 12 gauge incendiary bullets. They are craftable, but is not a standard blueprint. You’ll need 75 scrap to research them and a level 2 workbench.

The longawaited chansaw is in-game, however it’s only set to only be spawned in by admins for now. It also doesn’t do anything yet, but that could change well before Thursday. Rustafied thinks it’ll be a fancy way of gathering wood, but it could also be used in raiding wooden doors and structures.

The new server event Chinook 47 might be in-game as well. As mentioned in the roadmap, this helicopter will periodically deliver a locked crate similar to an airdrop to a specific radtown. Players will have to capture and hold this area for a period of time to gain access to the loot. As of right now we’ve seen work on the models, flight dynamics, and locked crate. No word yet on if this new event will be ready for prime time by Thursday, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

And the scientists will be going live this week. After weeks of testing it appears that our blue friends are ready.

We’ll see you later this week for the update.

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