May 2018 is coming… what’s in the update?

May 2018 is coming… what’s in the update?

With just 6 days to go we’re seeing a new update in sight. Looking at the changes and commits we see some improvements and new things coming in-game soon. Let’s get into it!

Boats were added this month and they definitely needed some work (that’s what the devs said as well). Firstly, you won’t be able to exploit the boats by moving around quickly as the ‘swapseats’ console command isn’t allowed to be spammed anymore. The ‘push’ behavior is overhauled and improved, you can now continue to push when the boat is in shallow water. You will also get thrown out of the boat if you head hits anything. Damage will also have to be dealth with based on the speed.

Players will also no longer be able to mount boats if they are traveling at too high of a velocity. Devs made it so you won’t always be pushed into the water when you get out of a boat. You will be placed on top of the boat now. This makes it a lot easier to get onto the floating junkpiles without getting a wet suit.

Talking about suit: we see a whole new diving wetsuit including a diving mask, tank and… fins! The diving wetsuit is designed to keep you warm while diving into colder waters while the tank give you a maximum of 300 seconds of oxygen. The tanks can be refilled using a workbench. Each refill decreases the overall available time by 15 seconds.

As a lot of you might have noticed: the overall performance on many servers went down like ShackyHD attacked a heli. Devs hope to made some fixes to AI that may be fixing these issues or at least get it more constant.

Furthermore, the pumping station has a slightly larger building blocked area, the scientists have some more options for server admins and now only the arrowhead of a crossbow is visible on-screen when reloading/firing.

And there now is a crafting queue size limit. Queue size is now limited to the items stack size – or 10 for those unstackable items – to prevent certain exploits from taking place.

More will come this week as we still have a couple of days before the update goes live.

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