How does the new Rust keycard system work?

How does the new Rust keycard system work?

The new keycard system can be a pain in the ass if you don’t know how to operate it. The big ‘bonus’ loot has been hidden behind closed doors now and you need some extra work to get to it.

(Please note: this particular how-to could be only applicable to servers, since mods can alter the way how they work or how you get keycards)

Several monuments have their loot hidden behind closed doors. You need to open these doors by finding one of the keycards (monuments are assigned a keycard color depending on the loot available). Launch Site needs red cards.

For this example, we’ll be looking at Launch Site and Harbor. Both have loot behind closed doors. Launch Site has been closed up, so Bradley also doesn’t have access to it anymore. That means: if you’re in, you’ll be safe as long as no one else is in there to kill you and get the loot first. Loot behind closed doors will also respawn in 30 minutes, instead of the normal 2 hours.

Launch Site
As said, the Launch Site has been closed up. Entering it requires you to have a red keycard and a fuse. In order for the cardreader to work, you need two fuses and put them into the fuseboxes located in buildings next to the Launch Site building. Fuses are found in crates in the world and can currently last 180 seconds when plugged through flowing current inside a fuse box.

So the steps to follow to enter a door:
1. Find colored keycards and fuses
2. Put the fuse in the fusebox near the place you want to open up
3. Power up the cardreaders with the switch next to the fusebox
4. Swipe the required card (red for Launch Site) at the cardreader
5. The door is now open and will automatically lock for a next visitor

Click here for more information on Launch Site specifics.

The principe for the Harbor is much the same, but the fusebox is easier to see. If you find the shipping container, take a look at the lower room.

There are several switches and overrides. Switches to power up a cardreader are usually next to the fusebox. Don’t forget to switch it to ON when you added a fuse and use the cardreader within 180 seconds or your fuse will blow out.
Next to this, there are some overrides. For some overhead doors, you can push a button on turn a wheel to open the door. Be quick, cause the door closes if you stop pushing or turning the wheel.

Keep in mind: some places need two fuses. You can see this with the AND/OR connections:

Where do I find these cards?
You can find green, blue and red cards as well as fuses throughout the map. Green and blue are available more randomly and in crates, barrels and scientists, while red cards are mainly available inside blue areas and higher tier loot boxes like the treasure boxes and heli/bradley/airdrops. There is also a chance they spawn in crates.

You can also buy cards in the Outpost vending machines.

Which card do I need for doors?

Basic Tier, grants access to Green Cards:

Gas Station

Easy Tier, grants access to Blue Cards:

Satellite Dish
Sewer Branch

Medium Tier, grants access to Red and sometimes other Cards:

Water Treatment Plant

Harder Tier, grants access to Elite crate loot

Launch Site
Military Tunnels

For more information on this, visit the original devblog.


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