Electricity is coming to Rust, but how does it work?

Electricity is coming to Rust, but how does it work?

With the addition of power generators, cables, solar panels and switches, we see an interesting change to life in Rust. Additionaly, we now will have a new military-grade rifle.

M39 rifle
The M39 is a new semi-auto weapon. It has room for 20 round clips of 5.56 ammo and an optional 3 attachment slots. The rifle fires faster than the Semi Automatic Rifle. The new rifle also has greater range.

The rifle cannot be crafted or researched. You will only find it in Bradley crates, but this may change in the future.

Instead of a blurry dick, you will now see people wearing underwear if you enable censorship in the game.

Electricity is finally here! As always, with these types of changes, bugs may occur. Bear with us and the devs and friendly notify them of any bugs you see.

More info on this is available at Rustafied. We will edit this post with more information soon.

The update will come online between now and 2 hours. This update will wipe the servers.

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