Cupboard changes, improvements and more

Cupboard changes, improvements and more

Just one more week left for the forced wipe. Big chance we will see the blue scientists in-game by then. There is some work being done still.

If you want to test the new features, you’d have to play the Rust ‘Staging’ version, which is already available for you in Steam.

Decay Raiding / Cupboard changes
Facepunch thought about decay raiding and came up with a little nice grief protection. When the tc is destroyed, the resources will not be dropped anymore. Instead the tc will keep using it for the upkeep time. However, it’s maxed out at 24 hours, to prevent bases staying up for weeks without using it. Servers with the No Decay option on or any other settings for decay will not be affected of course. Since raiders don’t get any resources out of it, big chance that cupboards will less likely be destroyed.

And you cannot simply destroy one cupboard, place another, then destroy that one in attempts to reset the upkeep timer. Grief protection cannot be triggered multiple times by repeatedly destroying cupboards.

We also see a chainsaw thing happening in the nearby future. Can it be used for chopping wood, can we break down wooden doors with it? Still unsure, but we’ll see that tonight in the staging version or next week with the first big monthly update.

Beds can be picked up now with a hammer and can also be repaired now.

Skin downloads
Downloading skins should go a bit better with the coming changes. A timeout has been added, so if skins fail to load it’ll skip them instead of trying 100 times before getting to the next skin. Also some logging has been added so the developers can track down issues easier.

Other changes
– The shotgun trap container is no longer named ‘small stash’
– Item repair costs have been reduced from 50% to 20%
– Repair bench no longer costs wood
– Players now need cupboard authorization to access spotlights

Chinook event
Facepunch is working on a Chinook helicopter event. This helicopter will periodically deliver a locked crate similar to an airdrop to a specific radtown. Players will have to capture and hold this area for a period of time to gain access to the loot.

Thanks to Rustafied

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